Covid-19 2022 Update

All Podiatrists will now wear masks in the clinical setting, you will also notice a pull down screen between the patient and Podiatrist. We ask that any Welsh Government guidelines regarding masks, are adhered to by all patients. Please attend your appointment alone, unless you need to accompany a child or vulnerable adult- we have reduced capacity in the waiting room and want to keep all patients as safe as possible. Please sanitise your hands on entry, there is a sanitise station located at the front of reception, and outside each treatment room. All rooms are cleaned with virucidal spray between each patient. We ask that you phone to rearrange your appointment if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, or if any member of your household has been told to self isolate. Thank you for helping to keep our staff and patients safe! 

Clinic Cancellations

We will always ensure we do everything possible to prevent appointment cancellations. However on occasions beyond our control, such as medical emergencies within the clinic-we reserve the right to cancel your appointment immediately with no notice given. When cancellations are made due to staff absence, we will notify you immediately to offer another appointment.

Prepayment from April 2022

From April 2022 all Podiatry appointments will require payment at the time of booking. These can be rescheduled or cancelled if the required 48 hours notice is given. Please note the reception staff do not have the ability to reserve any appointments without the appropriate fee being paid.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers will have a validity of 6 months from the time of purchase and will be purchased for a monetary value and not the value of a specific treatment. Vouchers will be valued on the cost of treatment at the time it is received and not the time it is booked. Please refer to the website for up to date charges. Please be aware of our increased waiting times, it will be the responsibility of the patient to ensure vouchers are booked and redeemed before they expire. From January 2021 we are no longer able to extend vouchers. Vouchers are not able to be refunded for any monetary value. If the cost of your treatment is less than the total of your vouchers, you will be issued new vouchers that can be used in the shop or for future Podiatry treatments. (Vouchers are not redeemable against MSk Podiatry)

Patient Cancellation/Missed Appointments

As of 1st January 2020, we require 48 hours notice to cancel a clinic or domiciliary appointment- this ensures we can offer the most flexible service to all patients and clients when booking an appointment. Failure to give 48 hours notice could result in the full charge being applied. From April 2022 all appointments are pre payable at the time of booking. Patients that have pre paid and fail to attend their appointment, or attend too late to be seen will not receive a refund for treatments. 

Arriving Late

As of 1st January 2020-If you attend your appointment after the booked time slot, Crossroads Clinic has the right to treat this as a missed appointment. Your appointment will be immediately cancelled and the full charge could be applied. If you are knowingly running late for your appointment due to reasons beyond your control, such as severe traffic or an over-run hospital appointment, please notify the clinic immediately. We reserve the right to cancel this appointment immediately, however we will always try and accommodate each and every patient if we have the capacity to do so.

Disclosure of Information

It is the patient/clients duty to disclose a full medical history during their appointments at Crossroads Clinic Ltd. This will ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment. In particular we require full medication list, allergies, surgical and medial history, family history and history of any infectious diseases. Refusal to supply such information could result in immediate cancellation of your appointment for both staff and patient safety. From May 2020 any patients that may have been exposed to Covid-19 should inform the clinic by telephone and rearrange their appointment.


Signed consent is no longer required for each treatment, you will be required to sign consent at your first appointment, when you update any personal or medical information, or when you have invasive treatments such as nail surgery or steroid injections. Informed Consent is deemed valid when a patient/client presents themselves willingly for a treatment after fully understanding the procedure. Any person under the age of 16 needs to attend the clinic with a responsible adult and will need parental / carers consent. It is the patients’ responsibility to inform staff when asked, if they do not understand the treatment they are about to receive.

Violence and Aggression

We have a zero tolerance policy on violence and aggression at Crossroads Clinic. Anyone deemed to be violent, aggressive or abusive, in the clinic or home setting, via email or letter or over the phone to either staff or other patients, will be immediately banned from the clinic, the clinic partners notified and the police informed. Any behaviour that is deemed to be intimidating by an individual will automatically bring this policy into force. Please alert a member of staff immediately should you witness any untoward behaviour on our premises.

Podiatric Staff

It is our duty to all patients to ensure all podiatrists and podiatric assistants are:

1. Insured by the society of podiatrists and chiropodists
2. Maintain up to date and regular CPD (continuing professional development)
3. Maintain patient confidentiality
4. Have up to date first aid and CPR certificates

In addition all podiatrists will:
1. Hold the minimum of a BSC hons in podiatry
2. Be HCPC registered.

Failure to comply with any of the points above could result in immediate termination of a position at Crossroads Clinic. Please notify a clinic partner should you have any concerns regarding a member of staff.

Therapy Staff/Associates
Staff providing:

  • Sports therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Podiatric Acupuncture
  • Sports Massage
  • Sports Taping
  • MSK Assessments
  • Video Gait Analysis
  • Bespoke Insoles and Orthotics
  • Reflexology and Lymph drainage
  • Beauty Therapy and Massage

are all self employed and will all have their own sets of policy’s and procedures. Any grievances or claims regarding these treatments or members of staff should be taken up with the individual staff or business concerned. Crossroads Clinic Ltd. would encourage patients/clients to also notify the clinic partners immediately. Crossroads Clinic Ltd. can confirm that only practitioners that are qualified and registered with their individual body and hold valid insurance are allowed to practice from our premises.

Infection Control

All equipment is sterilised above recommended guidelines at 145C using a regularly serviced autoclave with a printable confirmation of sterilisation. All nail surgery packs are sterile and nail surgery gloves disposable. All general treatment gloves and paper rolls are disposable and a new set used for each treatment. All needles and blades are sterile and disposable with a new set used for each appointment.
All clinical waste and sharps are collected and disposed-of, in line with legal requirements and kept in locked containers until collected by the hygiene department.
All rooms are regularly disinfected and all treatment surfaces and patient chairs wiped down after every appointment. From May 2020 in line with our new Covid-19 guidelines, all Podiatry staff will wear masks during treatment and rooms cleaned with virucidal spray between all patients.

Return of goods

No opened product can be returned to the clinic.
No insoles, socks or footwear that have be taken out of packaging or worn can be returned to the clinic. No medicaments/cream/ointments/nail products can be returned

In the instance of goods purchased in error Crossroads Clinic Ltd. reserves the right to refuse a refund or supply a credit note in exchange. The strictness on the returns policy ensures that you can purchase a product in the confidence that it has not been tampered with, worn or contaminated with possible skin or nail infections. It also ensures that your product has been kept in the right conditions as per manufacturers guidelines. i.e. at room temperature, or as with some medication -refrigerated.

Please ensure you have the right product, size and colour before purchase, as Crossroads Clinic Ltd. will not compromise patient/client safety.


Smoking is strictly prohibited on our premises. Any patient attending an appointment intoxicated will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the full appointment charge will apply. We ask kindly that you do not smoke in your home during your domiciliary appointment.

Please contact Crossroads Clinic Ltd. for more information on the policies outlined above.

Privacy Policy

Here at Crossroads Clinic we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer your account and provide us with the necessary information to carry out treatment you have requested from us and correspond with you regarding your appointments.

We will advise you for the purpose for which your personal information is collected, however if you choose not to provide the necessary information we will advise you on how this will affect your ongoing treatment.

We will destroy your data after our legal obligation to retain the information has expired.

Your personal information will be protected in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Crossroads Clinic privacy notice.

You may access your personal data upon request by writing to Crossroads Clinic, 82 High street, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 4BL.


If you have an enquiry about any of our services.

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