Most people wait longer than necessary when foot pain starts, as they are not sure when to visit a foot specialist or are embarrassed about the condition of their feet. Here at Crossroads Clinic Ltd., we believe your appointment should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience and can assure you that you will be dealt with by a qualified and experienced practitioner. We pride ourselves in our high standards of medical hygiene and the level of professionalism and confidentiality you will receive.
“Most people who attend for their first appointment will state that we will never have seen feet as bad as theirs- I am yet to be shocked by the condition of any patients’ feet! This usually puts people at ease immediately” Emma Protheroe – Principal Podiatrist.

As of January 2020 we require payment in full before any Podiatry clinic appointments can be made. Failure to attend may result in loss of appointment fee – please see cancellation policy if you wish to cancel or change your appointment.

Initial Consultation and Treatment £38

Initial Consultation and Treatment £38

An assessment and treatment required for all new patients. This includes nail care, corn and callus removal and any other problematic areas you wish to discuss. If you are experiencing foot pain a separate musculoskeletal appointment is required. Pre payment required prior to any booking being confirmed- 48 hours notice must be given to change this appointment.

Crossroads Podiatry £33

Crossroads Podiatry £33

A appointment and treatment with a HCPC registered Podiatrist, including nail care, corn, callus and any other problematic areas you wish to discuss. If you are experiencing foot pain - a separate Musculoskeletal appointment is required. If you wish to have verrucas treated in addition to this appointment please mention when booking. Existing patients only. New patients, or those who have not visited within 12 months will require a new patients consultation priced at £38.

Podiatry Home Visits £40

Currently unavailable 2023- 2024

Podiatry Home Visits

Podiatry home visits are currently unavailable, if you would like to book a clinic appointment we would be happy to see you in our Gorseinon clinic

Luxury Podiatry £45 / £50

Luxury Podiatry £45 / £50

Luxury Podiatry is the ultimate luxury foot treatment from our team of qualified Podiatrists is tailored to suit each individuals foot and medical needs. The luxury treatment includes a foot soak, exfoliate and full Podiatry treatment, followed by an extended application of foot cream and a nourishing nail treatment. New Patient Luxury is priced at £50

Nail Surgery
Consultation £38

Nail Surgery Consultation £38

Pre-surgical assessment to discuss surgical options, patient suitability and procedure. Your surgery can be booked following your consultation. No treatment will be provided in this appointment. We require payment for this appointment when booking. Surgery must be booked within 6 weeks of this appointment.

Nail Surgery
One Toe £250
Two Toes £360

Nail Surgery
One Toe £250 – Two Toes £360

This is a minor procedure using local anaesthetic to achieve a permanent removal of either the total or part of a nail. Price includes surgery, anaesthetic, all wound dressings and follow up appointments. Payment required at time of booking. Nail Surgery consultation, prior to procedure is required.

Podiatry + Dr’s Remedy Podiatry Polish £48

Podiatry + Dr’s Remedy Podiatry Polish £48

Brand new and exiting development in foot care. Combines a Podiatric medical appointment and an application of Dr’s Remedy nail polish, the first polish to be designed by Doctors for Podiatry use. If you have corns, callus, verrucas, split heels or problematic nails and also like your feet finished to perfection this is the appointment for you.
(Medical Pedicure- diabetic friendly)

Problematic Hand Wart or Verruca Treatment
Initial appointment £38
Follow up £33

Problematic Hand Wart or Verruca Treatment
Initial appointment £38 - Follow up £33

Reduction of the problematic area, followed by various treatments aimed at destroying the viral infection. Caustic applications, cryotherapy and Verrutop are among the methods used. Age 6+ years. If your child has a problematic verruca and is under 6 years old please contact your local G.P practice. We now treat warts on the hands, please mention when booking if hands or/ and feet require treatment. Verrutop is charged at an additional £15 per ampoule.

Opulence Package £70

Opulence Package £70

We brought you the ultimate luxury foot treatment- now introducing our opulence treatment! A Luxury Podiatry Treatment with extended foot massage, followed by a Prende
warm wax treatment to leave you walking on air!

Diabetic Foot Check £40

Diabetic Foot Check £40 or Free with any other podiatry appointment booked.

A foot assessment for anyone who has previously been diagnosed with diabetes. Your pulses, sensation, circulation, and skin and nail condition will all be checked. A copy of our findings can be supplied to your G.P at your request, please mention when booking.

Podiatry Wound
Dressing £33

Podiatry Wound Dressing £33

An appointment with our specialist Podiatrists for wound care in the clinic. Wound or ulcer reduction, offloading and dressings are some of the methods used. A referral to a hospital specialist may also be included.

Toenail Reconstruction
From £63

Toenail Reconstruction From £63

Wilde Pedique silver plus is an innovative UV podiatry gel, used to reconstruct damaged, fungal or partially removed nails. Thanks to it’s highly effective formulation, toenails appear normal and healthy.

Fungal Nail Testing £58

Fungal Nail Testing £58

A reliable and accurate test to diagnose fungal nail infections. A nail clipping is taken and tested by a Podiatrist, with results available within 15 minutes. No treatment or nail cutting is carried out in this appointment. Written analysis can be supplied. Fungal nail testing is essential before starting anti-fungal medication or treatment such as Lacuna Nail Method.

Prende Warm Wax Therapy (hands or feet) £33

Prende Warm Wax £33

The “facial for feet”- this appointment includes an application of warm wax, the hands or feet are wrapped in a towel whilst you relax. This therapy is especially beneficial if you have hard skin, arthritis, muscle pain or want total relaxation. Warm wax can be added on to any treatment and is used in addition to Luxury Podiatry for the Opulence package.

Fingernail Trim £12

Fingernail Trim £12

A simple finger nail cut during your Podiatry appointment. This unisex treatment can be carried out in the clinic or home setting. Please note this is a medical appointment, if you wish to have a manicure, nail shaping, cuticle work or varnish then please visit our Beauty section for more information.

Foot Health Practitioner £38 / £33

FHP New Patients and Follow up

An appointment with a qualified Foot Health Practitioner (FHP). This appointment is suitable for problems such as hard skin, corns, verrucas and nail cutting. Please note this is not a Podiatry appointment.
new treatments coming soon
new treatments coming soon


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We offer luxury bespoke Podiatry treatments by HCPC Podiatrists in a professional setting. Beauty therapy, Massage,Sports Injuries, Osteopathy  Insoles, needling, Injection Therapy, Reflexology, Skin Cancer Mole Screening, Cryotherapy and lymphatic treatments also available.

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